(E1) What’s in a word? Exploring the meaning of evidence in public health decision making, (E2) Lessons learnt from delivering an Incentives Scheme to address high maternal smoking rates in South Tees

E1 – Evidence is a word that is used frequently in knowledge translation and exchange. The National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools’ model for evidence-informed decision (EIDM) making combines local health issues and context, community and political preferences and actions, public health resources and research. These domains are brought together by public health expertise to make decisions in practice, programs, and policy. The cornerstone of EIDM, and our work, is the concept of evidence. This poster will ask delegates the question, “What Is Evidence?”, to collaboratively explore definitions and examples of evidence as it is used for decision making.

E2 – They can expect a honest and fresh assessment of how we ran the scheme, barrier and facilitators for success and how this adds to the body of evidence around reducing inequalities