(K4) Subtexts of evidence production and consumption, (K5) Smash the hierarchy! (or build a new one?)

K4 – An invigorating debate that highlights the multiple dynamics that shape evidence production, consumption and drivers of future efforts at evidence of production.
Mandy Cheetham, Mark Mulqueen, Eugene Milne, Iain Miller, Ashley Adamson

K5 – This rapid presentation will be cathartic for the presenter, who is simultaneously a systematic reviewer and trainer for Cochrane UK, a practitioner of mixed methods reviews and community based qualitative and participatory research, and an advocate for building the evidence base on grass roots community-based initiatives to reduce health inequalities. The internal struggles inherent in balancing the slow production of methodologically rigorous evidence against rapid production of ‘best available’ evidence to tackle pressing policy issues will be laid bare and delegates invited to join the struggle, share their own struggles or give constructive feedback.